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Custom walls to decorate your world

A Mural is a one of a kind, large painting done directly on a wall.

It is different from buying a framed painting usually for its large size, and a mural's ability to extend onto other walls and surfaces. 

Murals often do not have repeating patterns like wallpaper, they are usually made to fit your chosen spot or wall with excellent 'flow'.


Sam has completed several murals over the years, but unfortunately does not have many photos to share.

As she is currently building up her mural gallery, on this page you will find a collection of images to be used as inspiration.

Each one of the ideas below were hand picked to showcase samples that she is confident she could do for you.


Keep in mind that you can always choose your own colours, level of detail and complexity, have the mural on one wall or many, or you could coordinate the mural with key pieces of furniture-for example making a cozy space in front of your home office work station.


To keep Mural pricing simple, the following examples are either sorted as a simple design, a standard design or a complex design. 

Below are example galleries of murals Sam would love to recreate but with your own personal touches and individual choices.